Abuhanifa Group Real Estate is a bahrain-based real estate agency established in 2011 to provide a variety of real estate services to corporate and individual clients throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are well known for providing our clients with committed services & high level of satisfaction with every transaction we accomplish. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting your property, Abuhanifa Group Real Estate is the name you can trust to deal with, especially with our 15 years of experience we are confident of your satisfaction.

Our comprehensive-evaluation strategy through systematic analysis and deep understanding of client needs and their requirements are some of the fundamental steps we consider in selecting the right property for you.

Whether you are buying a home for your family or an investment property to sell back in the future, you need to know that you are dealing with a good agent that has the right abilities to analyze, negotiate and recommend the right property for you at the most possible competitive price.

Our team is trained to market your property to the right market segment and sell it at the least possible time & at the highest possible price, using appropriate marketing strategies through the right media exposure to reach a wide range of potential buyers through selected marketing channels.

Word of mouth recommendation, repeat business & building long-term trust with our clients has been always the core stone for all our business success. Finding your ideal rental property should not be a difficult experience any more, just with a short call to one of our experienced rental agents, your dream rental property could be closer than you think.

Our in-depth knowledge of the local market movements, years of experience and our constant follow-up with the prices of properties traded across the Kingdom of Bahrain has made us more confident that we could evaluate your property more efficiently using the visual and numerical aids to reach the property’s fair market value depending on the market condition at the time of valuation.

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